The main focus of our work is directed towards the analysis of organisational processes, structures and technology.

Our products and services help companies to develop, record, share, archive, use and evaluate process-related knowledge and ideas. Pumacy Technologies Group is a solution provider for knowledge, process, and innovation management. Our activities focus on the human aspect within an organisation and process environment as well as the communication among each other.

To streamline communication structures we provide a holistic approach in which software tools are adequate means. With KMmaster Pumacy Technologies AG provides a web-based software tool that facilitates active knowledge management. Knowledge is created and documented in teams and integrated into organisational processes.

We help you streamline your processes and promote the development of your innovative products and services. Your organisational knowledge is a valuable asset that helps you make your goals become reality. Our software tools can be embedded in any part of your business and deliver measurable benefits to our clients.

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