KMmaster® Life Science Edition combines quality, process, knowledge, and innovation management aspects. The software is specifically designed for companies from the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

The web-based platform can be used as hybrid system (electronic documents and processes, paper-based signature and archiving) or as fully integrated system including a qualified electronic signature (paperless solution). Additionally, the KMmaster Life Science Edition can be extended in functionality by idea and knowledge management modules such as lessons learned or best practises.

The web-based knowledge management platform KMmaster® can be used in different fields of the life science industry. This includes companies from the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, but also consumer goods, CROs and CMOs.

We help companies improve process efficiency and quality. The KMmaster® Life Science Edition is designed to facilitate regulatory compliance and support data documentation, compilation and verification.

The following pages provide detailed information on the benefits of a SOP management system, how the SOP management system is structured, how you can manage trainings, how additional features support the management of SOPs and how you can implement the SOP management system.