We offer our clients a holistic approach ranging from a first strategy and a systematic analysis up to a professional concept and implementation of the final solution for knowledge, process, and innovation management.

Our interdisciplinary teams will work closely with our clients to ensure we offer the best possible solution to their requirements. We help our clients to implement and integrate the solution it into their daily routines. Click here to explore the full range of our services and to find out how we can help you.


Based on the vision of helping organisations make the most of their experience, know-how and ideas, Dr. Toralf Kahlert founded the company group in spring 2000. Due to the confidence of their customers on the one hand and the commitment to a consequent growth strategy on the other hand, Pumacy has become a specialist and market leader for knowledge, process and innovation management.

“As a family owned enterprise we focus on a long-term strategy for growth. Profits are ploughed back into the company to develop our business. This provides financial stability and ensures our success.”

Dr. Toralf Kahlert, Vorstand Finanzen


Dr. Lars Langenberg joined the company in the early days and was named CTO in 2005. His knowledge and experience in computer science and engineering strengthens his ability to understand industry requirements and consider the feasibility of developing tailored IT solutions.

“Information technology is a major factor in meeting the expectations of our customers; but besides there is another issue that makes our solution portfolio successful: we tailor our solutions and services to the particular needs of our customers. The human side of the business is our first priority.”

Dr. Lars Langenberg, Vorstand Technik

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